MissingX Parcel - How to order shipping
  • 01 Jan 2022

    MissingX Parcel - How to order shipping

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      Article Summary

      Lost Property Offices using MissingX may also use MissingX Parcel to return items via selected courier partners.

      To order shipping of your item, the lost property office will need to send you a unique booking link via email.

      Step 1 - Your Address

      On the first couple of pages, you are asked to type in your address

      If you need to ship to someone else's address, you should still keep your own name on the order. Just add C/O and the recipient's name in the first address line, and their address in the second address line.

      Step 2 - Crossing borders? 

      If your shipment is crossing international borders, you may need to enter the value and description of the content. This is used for customs clearance.

      The system will automatically produce a Proforma Invoice which can be used for importing your item to your country. You can also upload additional documentation to avoid delays and fees in customs.

      You need to approve the generated Proforma Invoice to continue to the next step.

      Step 3 - Select option

      On the next page, you will see shipping options from one or more courier companies. We offer a wide range of options, some express and some more affordable. 

      Step 4 - Confirm and pay your order

      Review your order details before reading and accepting our terms and conditions for the booking. You will also need to accept the terms and conditions of the selected courier company. 

      You can pay with credit card or via Vipps mobile payment where available.

      An email confirmation is sent to you shortly after you have confirmed your order. The shipping label is automatically generated, and sent to the lost property office.

      In the email confirmation you will find your shipment's tracking number. If it's not in the email, you can find it later by clicking the unique booking link.

      Tracking your shipment

      Using the shipment's tracking number, you can see the progress on the courier company's website. Some may also notify you via SMS or email about the status, and in some cases you may be able to select or change delivery options while the shipment is underway. 

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