Quick Tour of MissingX
  • 20 Oct 2021

    Quick Tour of MissingX

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      Article Summary

      MissingX is an online solution for managing lost property. Lost property offices use MissingX to register found items, and members of the public use missingx.com to get their lost items back.

      Search first

      Go to missingx.com to search among found items published by the lost property offices using MissingX. You can search as many times as you like. Click here to read more.

      Claim or Register

      If you find something that could be yours, claim it to register your details with the lost property office. Read more about claiming items. You are able to register your lost item, without claiming a found item first. Read more about registering a lost item.

      Wait for a match

      Once the lost property office has received your details, you will need to wait for their confirmation. They may also request more information in order to confirm a match. If your case is urgent, you may be able to contact them via phone. Read more about contacting the lost property office.

      Get your item back

      If the lost property office confirms you as the owner of an item, they will let you know how you can have it returned. You will be able to collect your item in person, and many lost property offices offer shipping solutions as well. MissingX has build a shipping solution that makes the booking process easy. If the lost property office is using MissingX' shipping solution, you will receive a unique booking link for your item. Read more about shipping with MissingX.

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