Claiming a found item as yours
  • 03 Nov 2021

Claiming a found item as yours

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If you see an item among the search results which match what you have lost, you can claim it as yours.

Click the Claim Item button to register the claim. You'll be asked to describe your lost item, and you can upload a picture to make the task of confirming a match easier for the lost property office.

What does it mean to claim an item?

The staff at the lost property office has the responsibility of confirming a match between a claim and a found item. Your registration is not locked to the found item you have claimed, so if you see multiple items with the same decription that all match your loss, you can claim either one of them.

There's no need to claim the same type of item twice.

When you register a claim you also get a user account, if you don't have one already. This lets you update your details later on. You can set a password for your account by clicking the link under the login form.

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